Is It Worth Going To Disneyland Paris?

As the iconic Disney park experience brought to Europe, Disneyland Paris continues to be a major vacation destination, drawing millions of visitors each year. But is it worth the hype or should you just stick to the Disney parks in the United States? Here’s a look at what makes Disneyland Paris magical, along with a few reasons it may disappoint:

Why It’s Totally Worth Visiting Disneyland Paris:

  • Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is visually stunning, a sight to behold when you enter the park.
  • France’s Disneyland includes attractions based on Ratatouille, Frozen, Marvel and other hits you won’t get to experience stateside.
  • Walt Disney Studios Park brings Hollywood glamour with shows and rides focused on Disney entertainment production.
  • The theming and atmosphere with European flare makes parts of the resort feel quainter and more intimate than massive Florida Disney complexes.
  • Travelers looking to visit Europe can easily tack on a Disneyland Paris trip before or after major city tours.

Reasons Disneyland Paris May Let You Down:

  • As a whole, it’s much smaller in scale than Orlando and Anaheim resorts which have far greater variety.
  • Staff energy and happiness levels are often criticized compared to the exceptional customer service Disney excels at in the United States.
  • While improving, food quality gets mixed reviews and you won’t find as many restaurant options as US Disney destinations.
  • The weather, especially in off-peak seasons, can put a damper on outdoor rides and activities.

On balance, world-class attractions like Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast make Disneyland Paris a marvelous vacation for families, couples and Disney fans traveling through Europe. While weather or staff attitudes could frustrate on occasion, the resort has enough Old World charm and magic to make it a must-visit.

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