How Many Rides Can You Really Go On In A Day At Disneyland?

A trip to Disneyland is filled with magic, but also long lines, crowded walkways, eating snacks and meals, parade watching, and simply taking in the sights and atmosphere. With all of that going on, a common question is just how many rides can you actually go on during the limited time you have in the parks each day?

The answer depends greatly on the time of year you visit, which rides you make a priority, whether you utilize Disney’s MaxPass system, and other tricks to maximize your experience. Here’s a realistic breakdown of about how many attractions you may be able to see in a day:

Off-Peak Season With No MaxPass In slower times of year when crowds are lighter, it’s reasonable for most guests to go on 12-15 rides and attractions throughout an entire day. This assumes you arrive close to park opening to maximize morning hours, don’t spend too much time dining and resting, stay until closing, and have a good plan of attack to minimize walking around areas of the park you don’t need to be in. Utilizing the FastPass system is key, but during off-peak times standby lines tend to be more bearable as well.

Peak Seasons With No MaxPass When visiting Disneyland during busy Spring Break, summer vacation, and other peak attendance periods, the number of rides you can experience likely drops down to about 10 per day. Lines for top attractions routinely stretch over an hour long in peak season, so this cuts into the total riding time significantly. Efficient use of FastPasses is extremely important when it’s crowded. Parade and show viewing also tends to increase.

Utilizing MaxPass Disneyland’s MaxPass system allows GPS-based ride return times akin to FastPass to be booked from your smartphone, saving lots of walking time crisscrossing the park. If you purchase MaxPass with your ticket, expect to boost your total daily rides into the 15-18 range, even on moderately busy days. MaxPass gives you more control to book return times that maximize efficiency.

Tips To Ride More Attractions:

  • Arrive 30+ minutes early to get prime access to the most popular rides first thing when gates open.
  • Study park maps and layouts ahead of time to create an optimal strategy of what order to tackle attractions, while avoiding unnecessary walking.
  • Use Single Rider lines when available to skip long waits for select rides.
  • View shows and street entertainment during peak midday hours when rides tend to be busiest before picking up riding again later.
  • Stay until park closing to ride attractions with minimal waits as crowds thin out.

While ride counts in the teens may not seem enormously high for a whole day spent at the iconic Disneyland park, remember that taking in shows, atmosphere, food, shopping, and simply soaking up the magic consume a good chunk of time as well. By using savvy planning to cut down on standing in line, you should be able to have a full, varied day taking in many of Disneyland’s most popular attractions.

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