How Far Is Eiffel Tower To Disneyland Paris?

Taking In Paris and Disney All In One Vacation

Families flocking to France often block time for both a Paris city highlights tour plus a Disneyland Paris magical retreat. But in planning a combo itinerary, how long is the transit time between iconic Eiffel Tower selfies and thrilling rides like Aerosmith at Walt Disney Studios Park? The journey can easily be done in just over an hour.

The distance between downtown Paris and Disneyland Paris in Marne-la-Vallée clocks in at about 34 miles or 55 kilometers apart. While spread across opposite ends of the expansive city itself, transit connections make toggling between top Paris attractions and Disney’s beloved movie magic a relative breeze.

The quickest route relies on the RER A trains which require just a single easy transfer between city centers. Operated akin to a rapid transit subway, the economical RER zips from sites like the Eiffel Tower directly out towards Marne-la-Vallée in well under 60 minutes even including the midway train change.

Having both epic Paris landmarks and playful Disney fantasy within reach allows travelers ideally to allocate 2-3 days exploring top museums, shops and restaurants. Then shift out to Disneyland Paris for 3-4 full days steeping in Disney cartoons brought to life via parades, rides, characters and more. Sprinkle in a mid-stay day revisiting any missed Paris favorites too!

So fear not when crafting the ultimate French getaway. The efficient RER rail network connects storybook Disney magic and history-rich Paris closer than you thought to fuel family memories for a lifetime.

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