Can You Do Disneyland Paris In 1 days?

Attempting The 1-Day Disneyland Paris Challenge

With airfare to Paris booked for your long-awaited European dream vacation, you start eyeing potential side trips like Disneyland Paris. But with so many iconic Parisian sights to see, you wonder – is it even possible to “do” Disneyland in just a single day? Or will it feel too rushed?

While some visitors comfortably spend a whole week immersed in Disneyland Paris’ two theme parks, rides, shows and resort amenities, others have managed acceptable 1-day vacations on the fly. Trying to experience even highlights of both main parks in one day is extremely hectic. But concentrating on either Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios Park alone allows a satisfying sprinkling of Disney magic.

To make the most of one Disneyland Paris day, arrive 30 minutes before opening time to beat crowds to top attractions like Hyperspace Mountain or Ratatouille. Use the official app to continually modify your FastPass ride bookings as you knock out other nearby rides with shorter standby lines first. View the dazzling Disney Stars on Parade, but skip sit down meals which take too much time. Stay until at least 30 minutes after closing time when remaining attendees get extended ride time with low waits in a nearly empty park!

One key is visiting during off-peak seasons when crowds thin out. While you’ll need to skip many shows, character meets and leisurely lunches, single day power visitors can still create treasured family memories on a condensed Disneyland Paris trip. Just gear up for an exhausting day dashing from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland and back again as you make a little Disney magic in the midst of your Parisian icons tour.

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